Friday, June 22, 2012

Zenith ChronoMaster Men's Watch 18-1260-4034-02-C505

 Costumer Review on March 25, 2012
Amazing watch!
 This watch is great! It matches my monocle and my cane! With this watch, I can stroll down the Boardwalk without fear of being seen as a moderately wealthy real-estate agent, rather than the vastly wealthy real-estate agent that I truly am. It is highly accurate-- so accurate, in fact, that I have not missed my train on the B&O Railroad once since I bought it. All the guests of my hotel located on Park Place are impressed by it. I do have one complaint about the watch, however: when I go to collect rent from the low-end hotels on Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues, the watch's laser that I was wanting to use to forcefully collect their rent takes FAR too long to fry the nonpaying residents. Other than that, however, this watch is easily worth the modest price Amazon is asking for.

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